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Our facility is licensed by the Missouri Department of Health. It is an intermediate and skilled nursing facility. The facility opened in 1982. It has 119 beds, including six Medicare beds. Licensed RN's are on duty 24 hours per day to provide our patients with around - the - clock nursing service. Our home is hospital based, providing your loved one with immediate access to urgent care and physicians in-house 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We accept residents who require the following types of care: Rehabilitation, Long-term care, Critically ill, and Alzheimer/Demential. Our Director of Nurses is Kristen Starkey. Private rooms are offered as available.


For your convenience, we have two Social Service Designees on staff full-time and a Social Service Consultant.

Our facility offers the following therapies, most of which can be accessed five days per week:

  • Physical
  • Speech
  • Restorative Services
  • Occupational

The dietary department serves three balanced nutritional meals per day, seven days per week. A Registered Dietitian is on staff full-time in conjunction with a full-time Certified Dietary Manager. Open dining is being implemented at our facility to empower residents to choose their time for meals and allow selective menu choices.

A licensed Beautician is available five days per week and a men's barber is available regularly. Both of these services are offered on site.

The Activities Department is a vital part of our resident's lives. It encourages social interaction and development. Numerous activities are offered to the residents, some examples are: physical and sensory motivation, Saturday movies, church services by local churches, supervised field trips, senior olympics, raised bed gardening, Wii therapy, resident Birthday parties, bingo, cooking classes and organized clubs. The activities personnel include two directors and two designees. Activities are normally offered seven days per week, with two scheduled group activities per day. Our residents participate in the direction of our facility through Resident's Council Meetings.

Numerous conveniences are included in our room rates:

  • In-Room Televisions/Cable
  • Individual Phone Jacks
  • Designated Resident Smoking Area
  • Laundry Services
  • Big Screen TV and VCR in the Family Living Room


Medicare Medicaid Private Pay Commercial Plans Veteran' s Administration

Please call our nursing home billing department at (573) 783-1027 to determine whether or not MMC is a provider of your health plan or if you have billing questions.

Room rates consist of the following amounts as of October 1, 2014:

  • Private - $150
  • Semi-Private - $140
  • 4 Bed Ward - $130

Madison Medical Center can apply to become the designee of social security checks for the financial convenience of the resident and/or family.


Three requirements for Medicaid coverage are to be in a Medicaid certified (vendor) bed (which are offered at our facility), have assets of less than $1,000, and meet the state level of care medical requirements. You may be able to keep your home and have life insurance policies or prepaid burial plans with total cash surrender values less than $1,500 or an irrevocable preneed burial contract. For married couples, the spouse who remains at home will be able to keep some assets above the $1,000 limit. A division of assets is used by Medicaid to help prevent the spouse remaining at home from being impoverished due to the cost of nursing home care. The spouse remaining at home may also qualify to receive part or all of the nursing home resident's monthly income. Medicaid can be applied for by contacting the local Division of Family Services Office at (573) 783-5596.


To receive Skilled Nursing Medicare benefits in a long-term care facility, you must have been hospitalized for at least a 3 midnight stay/days within the past 30 days. In addition, you must also require 24-hour skilled nursing care or full-time therapy services. This type of stay/coverage is also offered on our hospital wing and is termed our "Swing Bed" program.

Medicare will cover the total cost of the first 20 days of your long-term care facility stay, except for any charges that Medicare does not allow (for example, telephone charges and laundry fees). On the 21st day, you will have a Medicare co-pay. For 2015, the per day co-pay amount is approximately $157.50. If you have a supplemental insurance, these additional costs may be covered. The maximum number of skilled nursing care days covered by Medicare may be up to 100 days per benefit period. No benefits are available after 100 days of care in a "benefit period".

If the long-term care facility determines you no longer require skilled nursing care, then you no longer qualify for Medicare Skilled Nursing coverage. A "Denial Letter" must be issued to you by the facility stating the decision. If you disagree with the decision, you may appeal by calling 1-800-347-1016.

For more information on Medicare coverage and your rights, call Medicare at 1-800-390-3330.